Frequently Asked Questions About "The Complete Practical Guide to Christian Financial Freedom"

What is the most important key you feel to financial freedom for Christians?

Please read the full letter at as I lay out the answer to this question in the first few paragraphs of the letter. The most important revelation I have ever received was to quit praying for money and start praying for wisdom. God wants to give you wisdom and He is just waiting for you to ask Him. Wisdom is knowing how to take action on knowledge. When you ask Him, He will give you the wisdom to know what actions to take to start getting you out of debt and into financial freedom.

What will I learn in this course that I don't hear from my pastor or from ministers on TV?

Simply put...the ministers you're likely listening to are full-time ministers which means they're supported by money given to their ministries or by books they sell on their ministry programs. Very few of them have ever experienced financial freedom that works for someone who works a job or owns their own small business. It's not that they're holding anything back from you. It's simply that they don't see the information you need to learn from your viewpoint. They're in the ministry. You work in the marketplace. This course cover sthe practical steps you need to take for financial freedom outside of the ministry.

Why don't you give this information away free?

First of all, it costs me quite a bit for the advertising I do for this website. The product needs to at least earn back the money that is spent on advertising. Plus there are affiliates who promote this product on their sites, and it must earn as much as any other product for that ad space. Without these two types of advertising, you would never have even heard of this message. While I do speak at churches from time to time, I am not a full-time minister...and spend the majority of time running my Internet based businesses. Whenever I do speak at churches, I do that for free out of my own pocket never asking for a donation of any type.

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